The Art of Patience

The bright day, that had made me smiled!

Was the day, that let you meet with me,

The transitory happiness, that I got after years,

‘T Was gotten by speak with you.

The anxious moment that made me again melancholic,

‘T was the moment, that apart you from me.

I Never asked for apologize, except God!

‘T was asked from and for you!.

Later, you left me as Butterfly lefts Flower!

Oh God! Thanks to teach me art of patience.

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Whenever you become fail, you learn something new from your mistakes, but failure always Lefts prints of hopelessness on your mind. Which makes you resistive to decided what to do next.

Hopelessness and sadness; both have a relationship of existence for each other. Whenever you lose hope , you become sad, and excelling of sadness over you makes you hopeless.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning”.
Brad Henry

How do you conduct a media interview ?

Whenever an interview is conducted interview conductor have to face many problems. Eg. Appointment, question management, time management, ethics, accent etc. Therefore, to conduct an interview there some essential elements that one should must know. The elements carry skill and techniques that makes one able to conduct an interview without any problem.

Therefore, to conduct an interview there some essential elements tha carry skill and techniques that makes one able to conduct an interview without any problem.


Before conducting an interview, choose a place like studio or office for interview and try make the source comfortable so that he/she answer your question frequently, without any problem and feeling bore. Chose a good and silent, place or room where interview will held.


Whenever you are going to conduct an interview you should take the appointment from the source, because the person whom you are going to conduct an interview will must be a public figure, or a busy person so it’s necessity to take appointment from the source, and as well as permission of quantity of time.

3- Make a list of Questions.

Whenever you are going to conduct an interview keep in mind that you must have a list of Questions, so that you may manage the time properly.

There are two types of questions; one is open-ended and second one is close-ended. Keep in mind your question should be such a type so that source may only cover asked things.

4- Phrasing the Question.

Phrasing the Question refers to accent and behavior of interviewer that how it should be. Therefore the Question asked by interviewer must be in interrogative accentor tone. Don’t completely rely on written question, create new and rapidly questions on the interest of topic.

4- Establishing the rapport.

Before asking open-ended questions, Create such a situation that source may feel comfortable and confidently answer asked questions. To create such situation interviewer have to mention the honor, rank and performance of source.

5-Awareness of devices.

Awareness of devices is quite essential in conducting an interview, you must aware the source that what kind of device is used. Awareness may also carry Check and properly working condition of Devices.

Sindh University Hosts annual sports week.

Jamshoro : A week-long festival was held in the university of Sindh. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat preopened the festival by kicking soccer ball in the midst of varsity’s Hyder bux jatoi ground.

The fest inaugurated, releasing balloons in the air and proroguing by VC.

In prologue, he said that curricular activities comprised necessary part of all encompassing of young Generation.

He said “ A healthy society is essentially is offshoot of society that promotes loves and safeguards sports.”

Dr Burfat adding said that sports develop youth physically and mentally. Sports promotes Discussion making skills, analysis challenges, showoff talent.

He observed that he is glad to see the participated students of (UOS) in sports on regional, provincial, national and international level.

The chief guest of event was honor SSP Jamshoro Tauqeer Nadeem said that many researchers have proved that students who get participated in Sports perform better than other who do not.

“Sports bring abilities to solve the problems, team-work, self-confidence, self-esteem, “ Nadeem opined.

Vice chairman of SU sport board Dr Mehmood Hassan Mughal warmly welcomed by presenting note.

Earlier, Director sports Makhdom Javed Bhatti (boys) of varsity elaborated gratitude to director of sports of different universities, and degree college Hyderabad rushed surround and inaugurated ceremony of festival.

Bhatti expressed the year-long accomplishments, objectives, and successes of SU, across the country.

Mukhtiar Bhatti, the sports director (girl) of SU, addressed about the annual sport reports especially related to girls, participants statistics, achievement, and increasing activity among girls.

Thereafter, participated teams from different departments and institutes got cheerful applause and approval from audiences. Participated teams were in columns headed with their representatives captain holding logo flag.

In the festival art marshal and boxing was displayed and 100 and 200 meter relay races by girls and boys were held.

Festival championships will have run week-long. It included cricket, table tennis, athletics and tug of war. Candidates almost from 57 departments and institutes have participated in festival championship.

Pro VC, Focal persons of SU campuses, deans, heads, directors and administrative of different department, institute, section, center, facility and prominent personalities and many students participants were existed at this multi hued event.

Valentine’s day Or Sister’s day.?

Valentine’s Day derived from Western culture which celebrated around the world for elaboration of love and affection with their beloved , whom one wants to make life partner, by offering them different gifts.

It is quite different culture of West from east. Western perceptions about, weather, religion, colors, and animals is quite different from Eastern. Western poets literally elaborates grief when it rains while rain enjoyed , and regarded as the symbol of pleasure in West. As a poet says “ East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet again.”

Sindh University Jamshoro

As student of media and communication we conducted an interview from girls and boys of different departments of University of Sindh to make it clear. The questions which asked in interview Were “ how did you spend Valentine’s Day ?” and “ should it be replaced by Sisters day?” Majority of students answered we spend it like a normal day, and we do not need any specific day to elaborate love and affection with our beloved, and it should be replaced by not only Sisters’ day, but we should spend this by elaborating love and affection with our parents, so that we could message those couple who spend it with stranger and get deceived, rather than parents, who care off since his/her childhood.

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), located in central Punjab swooped the Valentine’s Day day into Sister’s day by giving headscarves, shawls and grown printed with (UAF) insignia and to at least 1,000 of its 14000 female candidates.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

On this occasion Vice Chancellor of University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) Zafar Iqbal quoted “ In our culture women are more empowered and earn their due respect as Sisters, mothers, daughter and wives. We are forgetting our culture and Western culture is taking root in our society.

Initially, criticism had also occurred over this activity of University on social media by saying that it refers to Hindu culture “Raksha bhandhan” in which brothers promise to protect their Sisters.

This country named as Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, means “land of pure people”, Therefore we couldn’t adopt such culture that damage our ethical values. Rather ,we should promote our own culture by “saying No to Valentine’s Day.”